Sunday, 30 November 2008

Busy weekend - kind of!

We have been at the JDRF Family Day today for a few hours and Mitchell and Ethan decided to have their faces painted. Keelan was rather a grump the whole time because we took him away from the computer for a few hours and so didn't want his face painted or didn't want to join in any of the sack, egg n spoon or three legged races. He spent a little time at the playground and then was bored until Santa came and then as soon as the gifts were given out everyone wanted to go home.
Mitchell and Ethan had a great time and as you can see Mitchell changed into a crocodile and Ethan into Batman for a while.

Last weekend whilst Dad was away I got them all started on making a bauble with sequins. Mitchell wanted to do it last holidays and I wasn't quite ready then so made sure I was now. I was so impressed with Mitchell and all the time he took to sit and do the pins and sequins. I think I only helped him with two rows because he was feeling left out that I was helping the others and not him.

Here is his finished bauble hanging on the tree. Isn't it great! Keelan has only just finished his on Friday and I have yet to take a photo of it. Will put his up another day.
Yesterday I had the task of rebuilding the police station of Keelan's that fell to pieces last week when he was trying to lift it from one part of his room to another. Got it together alright but it is missing a few little pieces already.
Today Santa bought him a police helicopter to go with it and thankfully Keelan was able to build that one himself.

A little scrapbooking has been done in the last few days but very little. I have been feeling really tired and struggling to focus on much at all.
My efforts for the Cybercrop have been a little dismal even though I am one of the DT that has been running it.

Here are three of my challenges and I cheated with the other one using the layout that I created last week with the summer colours of me when I was pregnant.
Challenge #2 - A card using bling, flower and flourish

Challenge #1 - sketch

Challenge #4 - Title challenge

Last but not least is another of my Octoberfest layouts - Layout #5
I sure hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Cyber Crop weekend

It's cyber crop weekend over at Heaven-Sent and I'm trying my darndest to get a few layouts completed.

Come over and join us .... We have a sketch challenge, colour challenge, title challenge and a product use challenge all based around Summer in some way or another.
You have until Monday midnight SA time to upload your entries to the gallery.

See here for more details:

Would love to see you there!

Friday, 21 November 2008

To strike or not to strike - that is the question....

It's Friday again and here in South Australia the teachers were yet again going to strike. However when Bruce woke up to the 6.30am news the headlines were that teachers had been ordered back to work as a judge ordered it to be illegal for them to strike again. Henceforth we had some rather disgruntled children and an even more disgruntled Mother who was planning a sleep in this morning and was rudely awaken before 7am.
Still, I have to admit I have managed to get a whole lot of things done today that I would not have gotten done if the kids were home. Including typing this entry out.

Bruce is away for the weekend in Sydney so I will be playing single Mum for a few days. That generally means not much sleeping in on the weekend either. I might be a grumpy old soul by the end of it.

I had a lovely Intimo lingerie presentation on Tuesday night and invested in some nice plain bras but certain to fit well as all Intimo does. I also ordered some roll top pants that fit like a glove and I will probably live in once I get them.
I have my sister and her friend visiting tonight so a lamb roast is on the cards. Can't wait for that as I so love my lamb roast. It's the small things in life that one enjoys at times.

Was going to make some more Christmas cards at craft yesterday but when I counted up the ones I already had there was about 60 in the pile so changed my mind to writing them out instead. Am about halfway through that, then have to type up the yearly letter to our overseas family before sending. I still want to make Christmas cards though and use up some of my huge stash so might have to make a start on next years as I love making Christmas cards over and above any other card that I make.

Managed a little time for scrapbooking too over the week. My focus was on monthly challenges at Scrapwitch and Heaven-Sent. Below are my results of my efforts..... although my mojo seems to be holidaying somewhere at the moment so if anyone sees it... please tell it to come home!

SW Colour challenge using Tan, dark pink and dark maroon

SW sketch challenge

Rufus at play - HS Melanie's challenge: 4 photos, monochromatic, distressing and acrylic paint

Sweet baby girl - HS Brigitte's challenge to use felt on a layout.

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Another day....

Have been a little slack on the blog update this week.
Went to the Fiskars crop on Saturday and Michelle taught us some cute little last minute gift ideas. Most of them used the water colour pencil techniques which I love to use on stamped images anyway. I haven't taken any photos of them yet but I'm sure you can see some of the sneak peeks over at the Fiskars blog.
My crop night on Saturday night was well attended and Sunday was a quiet day at home. The barbeque even saw the light of day too as the boys spent Saturday cleaning it after they got home from the Christmas Pageant. I must remember to post some of the photos of them at that but not tonight as I am too tired.
Keelan has been home sick the last three days with a fever and upper respiratory virus. It seems to be clearing and he will be back at school tomorrow but he still has that cute girly squeal voice - poor little love!
I haven't had too much of a chance to scrap. Can't believe that I forgot it was a Cybercrop weekend at Scrapwitch... but it seems I wasn't the only one!
I will share with you two more Octoberfest layouts - having fun with these still.
Layout #7 - It's all about being Ethan at eight...
Layout #6 - Play with bubbles - Uses Jen's hand drawn doodle sheet, apart from the bubbles that are mine.

I have been preparing for my card class on Saturday arfternoon and just finished typing instructions today. I also have my regular crop this Friday night if you want to join us... although I'm almost at a full-house for that one.
Keep the weekend of the 28th and 29th free for our Come on Summer ! Cyber Crop at Heaven-Sent. Yours truly, along with Susan will be planning the challenges for this one so you better be fore-warned ..... LOL!

Our next Cyber Crop - 'Come on Summer !' - is on during the last weekend of this month. There will be four challenges, which will be posted on the forum on Thursday November 27, 2008. All the layouts have to be uploaded in the Cyber Crop Gallery by midnight on Monday December 1, 2008. On Saturday night we will do a game and chat on our forum too! Cyber Crops are a great way of getting some scrapping done, using products from your stash and to have fun with other members of the Heaven-Sent community. There are prizes to be won and the winners will randomly be drawn on Tuesday December 2, 2008.
Hmmm... note to self, need to prepare a game .................................

Friday, 7 November 2008

Xmas activities starting.....

Haven't had a lot of time for scrapbooking this week but have managed to get four more Octoberfest layouts done.

Thank heavens I have a whole month to complete some of the other challenges around.
THANK YOU to all the lovely people out there who voted for my layout at Puzzlesketches. It was amazing to be going equal first with someone that they had to go to a second vote, from the two layouts, to determine a winner. Lucky me! I came out on top and won a voucher to spend at Scraploot. Now comes the hard part of what to choose.

I'm trying to get prepared early for my card class on the 15th. We are doing Black and white cards - four of them. Kits are ready to go.

Tomorrow I have a day full of cardmaking and scrapbooking as I attend the Fiskars SA crop at Sheidow Park and then back home to my regular Saturday crop night. It shall be a long day but bound to be fun. The lovely Michelle always has something interesting for us to do at the Fiskars crop.

Ooohhhh.... rain as I type - lovely to see and I hope we get lots of it.

Bruce is taking the boys to the Adelaide Christmas pageant in the morning as he figures it will be the last one he gets to that they actually get excited about. They will be nine next year so that belief may be starting to waiver then.

Well here are my shares today:

Layout #8 - True Friend

Layout #9 - Bubble fun in the spa

Layout #10 - Everyday silliness

Layout #11 - Play

Have a good weekend all!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Quiet Sunday

Well Bruce went off to ACN training today and I spent the day home with the boys.
I've had a cracker of a headache most of the day so haven't felt like doing much.
We did however - the boys, Rufus the bear with diabetes and myself, head up to the playground for a while where Rufus delightedly posed for me whilst he played on the equipment. Will use those photos in a layout shortly. I took 105 photos overall - no, not all of those were Rufus ..... but there were a lot of nasty boy photos there too. Nasty, meaning heads cut off, blurry, closed eyes, screwed up faces etc..... you get the picture?
Meanwhile I have a few layouts that I managed to do at the crop last night and finish off at home this arvo. Still more Octoberfest classes. You will notice that I have skipped fifteen and fourteen as I am still hunting some suitable photos to play with.

Layout #17 - Surprise parcel

Layout #16 - Simply Fabulous

Layout #13 - Lego Games

Layout #12 - Sonny glow

Thank you to the wonderful people who have voted for me over at Puzzlesketches, I really appreciate the effort you have gone to. There is still a few more hours of voting to go if anyone wants to drop by there and add their vote. (see previous post for the how to and where)

I sat and watched Dancing with the Stars tonight and my vote still goes to Luke & Luda. After a very average skill in the beginning I think Luke has really improved and is enjoying himself more and more each week.

There are some new challenges for the month over at Heaven-Sent:

Brigitte and Melanie created two scrapbooking competitions for this month. The details of the November Competitions can be found on the forum. Please upload your entries in the November Competition Gallery.

* Brigitte's Competition: Use felt to embellish your pages – preferably hand cut. Felt is easy to use, so you can be creative.

* Melanie's Competition: Create a LO using: 4 photos, acrylic paint, distressing, mono colours (so all greens, all pinks etc.)

Gotta be in it to win!

Have a good week!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Voting time

It's voting time over at Puzzlesketches:

If you liked my layout Friends - Playing games with my.....

I'd love you to drop by at Puzzlesketches and vote for me in the next day. You can vote my selecting Melissa - FRIENDS from the voting panel on the right hand side of the screen and then the vote button. Thanks!

Off to crop tonight after a quiet crop night at home last night where everyone had left by 10.30pm. I'm not used of that!