Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Back again with more Christmas cards.

I warned you I would be back with more:

#37 - Rectangle card or use a glitter pen. The left hand card is one I created a few weeks ago for a CC and uses kindyglitz (the closest I have to a glitter pen) which is like sparkles or icicles depending upon where in the world you buy it from. It is a little challenging to see from the photo that the snowflakes are all sparkly.

#20 Something punched - this uses an EK success corner punch in conjuction with a technique I saw on you tube that I had to try.

#21 - No matting, no background paper, just stamping or using embellishments. Mine uses the emboss resist technique and simply varying the colour of ink used.

#22 - Add some bling or create a border. My stickers are really old ones from a few years ago and they have a bling effect on them as well as the sparkly ribbon.

#23 - Fun christmassy cute animal card. I don't have many cutesy stamps, I tend to stick with flourishes, words and basic images that can be versatile so cute stamps I don't really have. I did however come across this recycled card from last Christmas so used that and matted it.

#24 - White on red and/or rub-ons. I used both, the white are Kaisercraft rub-ons that I have put on the red pp. The stocking is cut from another recycled card and outline stickers are the star decorations.

#25 - Textured paper and a glint. Sorry about the bad photo but this is actually more of a gold paper.

#26 - Tags and/or flowers.
Well that's it for sharing for a few days, school holidays are looming so I am catching up on a few things before they start and preparing for a card class on Saturday and crop this Friday night at my place. Am looking forward to sleeping in a couple of days over the holidays.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Christmas cards on the go.

Finally I have made a discovery and started on my Christmas cards properly.

I found this wonderful blog called Fab's Big Christmas Card Challenge. Each week Fabrizio posts a challenge for inspiration for us to complete a Christmas card a week so that by the end of the year we should have a reasonable stash.

I have started from Week #36 and am working backwards so this is just a small sample of what I have come up with so far. Dont' laugh..... some of the papers and embellishments I am using have been sitting in my "stash" for quite a long time.

#27 - Rounded corners either matting, the card itself or both.

#28 bright and funky.

#29 - Star and/or outline stickers

#30 - Cute and square

#31 - Half and half embossing

#32 - Use a sketch: this is a Pagemaps one from Dec 2008

#33 - From a kit. This is a Cloud 9 kit from last Christmas

#34 - Poinsettia or any other flowery Christmassy card. This is from the same Cloud 9 kit and uses the Fiskars scalloped edge border punch.

#35 - Stripes and dots. After making this one I went back to Fab's blog to check out another challenge and realised that I had almost cardlifted his card for this challenge without really realising. Sorry about that Fab, the design was a good one, what can I say!

#36 Owls and/or presents. I don't really like this one after all..... You know what it is like when you come up with an idea and when you go to execute it, it doesn't quite work the way you plan and you have to change direction with your thinking? Well, that happened to me on this one and I am not happy with the result. Might end up coming back to re-adjust this one.
Well, that is all for now, I have about another eight completed to share but they will have to wait until I have had some sleep.
Pleasant dreams all.............

Monday, 7 September 2009

Thank Heavens for Cyber crops....

First of all I am sharing this layout that I completed from an online class at Scrap of Diffference.
It's a free class using glimmermist and you can join the forum, get the instructions from the online classes thread and show us your style when you are done. The lovely Jo wrote up the instructions for this one and has done a wonderful job with it. The photo is of my Mother and two of her sisters taken in 1936 when she was just 10 yrs old. Mum is the one in the middle.

I tell you, if I did not do a cybercrop every now and again, I would never get any scrapbooking done. I seem to run out of time these days to fit in monthly challenges, as much as I would love to do some but I do try to do a cybercrop a month to get myself motivated.

I have joined a Ning community called Home and Scrapped which has a number of my "old" friends from Scrapwitch there. It is great to keep up with all their going's on although I never find time to frequent there often enough these days. We had a cybercrop with a kind of Father's Day feel to it for some of the challenges and the others were a little more about scrapping on a budget and using your stash.

This is Nes's sketch challenge that also had to have a Father's Day feel about it.

Trisha's challenge to us was to share a little insight into our bedroom habits.... no, not that kind....! Get your mind above your waistline! About what kind of a place our bedroom is for us. I do have to mention that these photos are pre-triplets and the room is not nearly as clean and neat as this is here.

Heather's challenge at first was one I thought I would have to miss as she wanted us to focus on something that we had gained from a Father figure in our lives. Now many of you know my Father died at the age of 73 yrs when I was only 11 yrs old. I don't remember a lot about him when I really sit and think about it. For me this was a challenge because those memories that I do have I have documented on a layout previously in past Father's Day challenges and I don't want to rehash them. So I slept on it and thought about the photos of the kids playing lego that were sitting on my table of "to be scrapped" items and thought about how every time my Dad visited the city he would bring back a box of lego with him as a little surprise for me. He also bought a few ideas books and would sit at home and help me to follow the instructions and build things. Today I sit and do this with my boys so thought it apt to go down this path with my layout.

Just to make it a little more thought provoking, we also had to scraplift a layout from the gallery and ..... make a card with the scraps.

Angie's challenge was to do a scavenger hunt around the house and do a budget scrap page with the items found.
Here is the list of what I used:

Fishing tackle split ring and barrel swivel

Ribbon from a bath products gift pack

Mesh from the garage....

transparency stamped on from a box of Christmas cards from last year


clothing tag

chocolate box for the scalloped edge and title

wrapping paper from Nepal made from recycled cotton rags

bubble wrap and corrugated cardboard for stamping

cogs from the inside of an adhesive roller for my glue glider pro, originally green and now painted

and the 'our' is from a four and twenty party pies pack that I used for lunch yesterday.

I must say I'm pretty impressed with the result, it actually looks like a good layout.

This one is the example I made up for my challenge. I challenged people to find an item that they had lots of and repurpose it on a layout. Im my case it was photo turns that I have heaps of from TLC Hot Fudge kits that I have used over my time with TLC/Breezy Design.

Can you believe it....? This is a layout just because I wanted to! I have been looking at a thank you card that I received from my nephew on the birth of their son and finally managed to do a layout with it.

You will notice a few of my layouts use scraps of blue pp and cardstock. The reason for this is that my blue scraps container was overflowing - clearly I use a lot of blue in my layouts. So, I have decided to make this a little of my focus for the moment, trying to reduce it. I actually stood and sorted out the various shades of blue..... Do you have any idea how many shades of blue there are? Well I can assure you there is a few. I have it down to six piles now where I put similar shades together so I can work from there. So, if I seem a little blue in the coming month then you know why.

Life outside of scrapbooking is all family stuff at the moment. One of my sisters got engaged last week which came as a little of a surprise to many of us. I'm taking her out for lunch tomorrow so hope to hear all about it. I happened on her birthday last Wednesday.

Boys have been busy with school, Keelan received a distinction on his International Spelling competition and is in the top 2% of Yr 4's from SA/NT who took the competition. Ethan's class have been rehearsing a play for a number of weeks and performed it for the school classes three times last week. I went to see it on Thursday and it was rather funny but some of the girls had a few too many lines to learn and got stuck two thirds of the way through forgetting their lines. Still they did a great job overall.

Mitchell and I headed off to diabetes clinic last week and all is well although his HbA1c is stuck at 8.1 at the moment and I would like to see it come back down again into the 7's. Hospital is happy with it but don't want it to get higher though. We will just have to see if we can keep him on track because he is getting a little forgetful with keying into his insulin pump lately.
Well it's getting close to bedtime so I better disappear. Have a great day all!